Leonidas Christmas Advent Calendar

Double the Joy: Leonidas Advent Calendar 2023 - Tailored Delights for Grown-Ups and Kids!
Discover the magic of Xmas with two enchanting Leonidas Advent Calendars. Indulge in 24 days of joy with our luxurious grown-up edition and bring a smile to little faces with the specially designed Kids' Edition. A festive countdown for every age!!

This Christmas, Leonidas brings you not one but two ways to celebrate the season with our Advent Calendars. Unwrap joy every day with our luxurious Grown-Up Edition, featuring 24 handpicked favourites from the Leonidas Chocolates collection. But that's not all – we've also crafted a specially designed Kids' Edition to bring a sprinkle of magic to the little ones' Christmas countdown.

For the connoisseurs of fine chocolate, our Grown-Up Advent Calendar is a daily indulgence in sophistication. Each door reveals a fresh Leonidas Chocolate, carefully selected for its richness and flavour. It's the ultimate countdown to Christmas for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

For the young ones, our Kids' Edition is a delightful journey through 24 days of sweet surprises. From playful shapes to whimsical flavours, this calendar is designed to bring a smile to little faces. Watch as they discover the joy of Christmas one delicious day at a time.

Leonidas Advent Calendars are not just about counting down to Christmas; they're about creating moments of joy and togetherness. Whether you're treating yourself or sharing the magic with loved ones, Leonidas has a calendar tailored for every age.

Double the joy, double the delight – because at Leonidas, we believe Christmas should be celebrated by all, from young hearts to the young at heart.

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