Easter Mini Eggs

Embark on a delightful Easter egg hunt with Leonidas' Chocolate Easter Mini Egg Collection.

With 21 irresistible mini chocolate eggs in every colour and flavour, this assortment adds an extra layer of excitement to your Easter celebrations.

Conceal these delectable treasures throughout your garden or home, and watch as the joy unfolds when friends and family discover these miniature delights. Whether nestled among flower beds or tucked behind curtains, each mini egg holds the promise of a delicious surprise, adding an element of adventure to your Easter festivities.

After the hunt, gather together to savour the rich, creamy chocolate of Leonidas' mini eggs, sharing laughter and creating cherished memories. With Leonidas, Easter becomes more than just a holiday—it's an experience to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones, making every moment memorable and sweet.

For a personalised touch, why not create your own bespoke basket, box or bag? Select your favourite flavours and colours to curate a unique Easter treat that reflects your individual preferences. With Leonidas, Easter becomes a celebration of indulgence and creativity, making every moment sweeter and more memorable.

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