Why your Special Treats Should Include the Manon Chocolate

Why your Special Treats Should Include the Manon Chocolate - leonidasbrighton.co.uk


What comes to mind when you hear of Manon? Is it a chocolate treat or an opera comique? Well, most of us understand the term ‘Manon’ when we think of our favourite treat; chocolate.

Manon chocolate has been very much desired since its creation in the 20th century. Today, it is one of the most sought-after treats, perfect for any celebratory moment. You can easily shop for it online from our e-shop.

What is Manon Chocolate?

Manon is creamy with an abundance of chocolate flavour. The manon was and is still a signatory recipe from famous chocolatier Leonidas.

The Leonidas manon was birthed and perfected back in the 1980s by the parent company, Leonidas. Initially, this recipe contained much of the melted sugar outer coating, a creamy inside with a nougatine base and a flavorful walnut.

Nonetheless, Leonidas Manon included new ingredients replacing the sugar, nougatine and walnut. For example, the new recipe contained an outer coating of white chocolate. Instead of the nougatine base, praline became an excellent option.

In addition, hazelnut became a staple in the manon recipe rather than using walnuts only. One of the reasons is that hazelnuts are perfect when roasted and can stay fresh for a longer time. What was the outcome of these specific changes? As a result, Manon chocolate became one of the most flavorful chocolate treats of all time, and it has remained so till today.

Different Flavours of the Manon Chocolate:

If you are a fan of this chocolate idea, you understand that different flavours can wow your taste buds. Today it is not only the white chocolate that impresses the manon fans. You can also get manon in dark chocolate.

The Leonidas Brighton boasts of the famous flavour called the manon café, simply a buttercream with Arabic coffee flavour. In addition, you can get this specific idea in exquisite flavours of white and dark chocolate.

However, if you are a Manon lover, you can use the manon spread and try other ideas not limited to the following:

  • Ice cream
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes

We encourage you to try the various manon chocolate flavours to get your favourite one.

Manon will always remain to be one of the most delicious chocolate treats.

You can shop for it online from our stores. Our combos are perfect for special moments, including the festive seasons, corporate gifts, and much more.

If you love Leonidas Manon, you have the perfect one-stop shop to satisfy your cravings.

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