Hoppy Easter Fun with Leonidas Belgian Chocolates!

Hoppy Easter Fun with Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Spring is in the air, and Easter is just around the corner! Here at Leonidas Belgian Chocolates in Brighton, we know this festive season is all about creating sweet memories with your loved ones. And what better way to do that than with everyone's favourite treat – chocolate?

This Easter, we've got some egg-cellent ideas to make your celebrations extra special for the little bunnies in your life. So, get ready for some fun activities that combine the joy of Easter egg hunts with the exquisite taste of Leonidas chocolates!

1. The Chocolaty Scavenger Hunt: Ditch the plastic eggs and put a delicious spin on the classic Easter egg hunt. Hide Leonidas' delightful mini eggs, with a whopping 21 different flavours to discover, or even the adorable bunny-shaped chocolates around the house or garden. Create a treasure map with riddles or clues that lead your little explorers to their chocolatey prize.

2. The Great Leonidas Guessing Game: Fill a bowl or opaque bag with a variety of Leonidas chocolates – a mix of pralines, truffles, and of course, some mini eggs! Blindfold the participants (one at a time) and have them reach in and guess the flavour of the chocolate they pick out. Award points for correct guesses, and maybe even a bonus prize for the one with the most points!

3. Build an Edible Bunny! Get the whole family involved in constructing a giant bunny made entirely of Leonidas chocolates! Use a basket or bowl as the base, and then get creative! Stack biscuit boxes or rice crispy treats to form the body and use marshmallows or toothpicks to secure everything together. Finally, unleash your inner artist by adorning your bunny with a variety of Leonidas chocolates – truffles for the eyes, pralines for the nose, and colourful candies for the whiskers!

4. The Bunny Hop Relay Race: This twist on the egg and spoon race is perfect for burning off some energy after all that chocolate! Divide the participants into teams and give each team a big-size Leonidas egg. The challenge? Hopping across the finish line without dropping their precious cargo!

5. Pin the Tail on the Bunny (with a chocolaty twist!) Draw a large picture of a bunny on a piece of cardboard, minus its tail. Instead of using a paper tail, use a string with a piece of Leonidas chocolate attached! Blindfold the participants, spin them around, and see who can get the closest to pinning the chocolate tail on the bunny!

Make it a Leonidas Easter!

We hope these ideas inspire you to create a fun and delicious Easter for your family.

Looking for the perfect Easter treats?

Don't forget to visit Leonidas Belgian Chocolates in Brighton to stock up on all the perfect goodies for your Easter celebrations. From adorable bunny-shaped chocolates to an amazing selection of pralines and truffles in 21 mini egg flavours, we have something for everyone's taste buds.

Looking for a gift? We have a fantastic selection of Easter hampers filled with Leonidas treats, perfect for surprising, loved ones.

Looking for something truly special? We have a giant chocolate egg in store, waiting to be discovered! Be aware, that this beauty can only be collected in-store as it's a little too delicate for deliveries.

Looking for a real showstopper? We have a fantastic Easter basket this season, overflowing with a whopping 1.75kg of mini eggs in all sorts of flavours – perfect for a family Easter egg hunt or just some serious indulgence!

What is your favourite Easter game? Comment below to share the fun with everybody.

Happy Easter from your friends at Leonidas!

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